The already-online database for web projects

Online Database

Voola lets you create your own unique online database.

Built on Microsoft SQL

Voola runs on top of your own unique Microsoft SQL Server database and lets you create your own database structure straight through a web browser.  This means your database is already hosted and you don't need any fancy tools or know-how to create your own robust database solution and host it online.

Build your own Web Interface for Managing Data

Voola not only lets users interact with the database information online but also lets Administrators create and edit the Forms and Lists through a web browser.

You can create your own unique forms (for example a form to add and edit a staff members details).  Like Excel, a list is made up of columns (such as First Name and Last Name) and rows (which could be your list of staff).

Choose How to Share Your Data

Voola provides a wide range of ways to share and publish data that you store in your online Voola database:

  1. Easily create a unique URL to get XML or CSV data live
  2. Connect via Web Services
  3. Use our REST gateway to query the database
You no longer need developers to create unique API gateways.  You can easily slice and dice the data how you want it via a simple URL query.

For example, if you wanted a list of staff and telephone numbers, you could post the following query to Voola:

HR/Staff/[Department = 'Sales']/[FirstName, LastName, TelephoneDDI AS Telephone]/&$orderby=LastName

This would return a list of sales staff with the columns FirstName, LastName and Telephone number either in XML, CSV or JSON format.  You could use this to keep up to date information on your website.

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