The already-online database for web projects


Voola is an online database which can be used to create a wide range of online solutions.  Here are a few we have helped our customers create so far:

Solutions for Business

Move Excel Spreadsheets Online

Many organisations have a spider web of useful excel spreadsheets with critical business information. These are hard to share, break easily and often get lost when staff move on. Move this information to a secure online database and make it easy to share and improve on your business processes over time in one centralised system.

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Help Desk

Provide better support with a website solution that tracks support requests and reports on progress. You can even plug this straight into your existing website.

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Customer Login / Portal

Provide your customers with an easy to use customer only website. The customer and your staff can share a wide range of information through this tool:

  • Keep track of product inventory
  • Capture and track support and service requests
  • Track new opportunities that come up as you work with your client

Intranet Solution

Share information with your staff such as policies and procedures, important dates coming up and the latest company news.

IT Asset Management

Keep track of computers, laptops, cell phones, servers and other equipment.

Product Ordering

Manage your product database and provide customers with an easy way to order you products online. This can be plugged into any existing website.

Website Content Management

Centralise your website content management with the rest of your business information inside Voola. Make it easy to update News, Blogs and other critical business information on your website.

Website Add-ons

Add features to your current website such as a product list, news, blog or a poll system.