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Voola - Your Online Database Designed for Web Services

Web Services is a great way to interact with online data.  Simple database connectivity, easy caching of information as well as easy integration into nearly any modern database solution.

Voola delivers an online database where you can manage both the structure AND the content and immediately begin interacting with the data via Web Services.

Voola comes with a wide range of services built in for interacting with data in formats such as XML, JSON and CSV.  You can also custom design your own queries using simple REST Url queries, such as

/Cars/[RegNumber, ModelNumber, Colour, Driver.FirstName AS DriverFirstName]/[RegNumber LIKE '%123%']/$orderby=ModelNumber&$take=5

This will automatically return your data in the desired format with only the properties you have asked for - no need to get a developer to write any custom code for this type of database search.

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